Big Talk, Real Slow

A few years ago I went down to the American Southwest with a friend of mine to see what it was all about. When I got back I did what everybody else does: I put the pictures up on Facebook. But a funny thing happened. As I put the photos up, I noticed, like countless others have, that the slideshow format lent itself to a narrative. I put the photos up, and wrote something to go along with them, and it still stands as one of my favourite pieces.

Early in the life of Big Talk, Real Slow, I threw it all up on here, but it never sat right with me. It seemed messy, and also demanded a lot of the reader. I didn’t bother thinking about it again until I read the (incredible) Hottest Chick in the Game, and realized that there are no shortage of Tumblr URLs, and real estate on the internet is cheap. I could create a proper space for the story. 

I’m probably rambling at this point. This is all to say that you should check out The Big, Quiet Places.