Big Talk, Real Slow

But in this day and age, who can afford to question the game?

Transcript of Ronaldo Delacruz Interview

August 28th, 2011

[Interviewee: Ronaldo Delacruz (see attached in-take files). Standard set-up w/ lie detector on table. (see consent form for lie detector attached)]

[Enter Interviewer Peters]

Peters: Well good afternoon Ronaldo. I’m Jonathon Peters. Nice to meet you.

Delacruz: Hello.

[Delacruz tries to lift arm to shake hand, almost detaches himself from lie detector]

Peters: Careful there! Ha, don’t hurt yourself. 

[Peters sits]

Peters: Alright, now I just need you to sign this form. Basically letting us know that you’re comfortable with this test and are fine with conducting this interview with a lie detector. Here you go.

[Peters slides paper over, Delacruz looks at it for a few seconds; signs]

Peters: Perfect. Now, let’s get started. What’s your name?

Delacruz: Ronaldo Delacruz

Peters: The truth! Perfect. You know, I actually had a guy last week who failed that question. Short interview, let me tell you. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Delacruz: No.

Peters: Perfect. Good. That was a test. Obviously we’ve run a criminal check on you, you wouldn’t have gotten this far otherwise. How many kids do you have?

Delacruz: One.

Peters: From your wife’s previous marriage. Look at that, true. That’s heartwarming. That’s beautiful. Just thought I’d share that. Back on course. Moving on. You ever cheat on her?

Delacruz: What?

Peters: Your wife. Ever cheat on her?

Delacruz: No.

Peters: Hmm, I see. Okay. Hypothetical situation: you’re playing poker with your buddies and one of them has marked the cards in a small way, but one that he can obviously use to his advantage.

Delacruz: That’s cheating. I think that’s cheating.

Peters: Alright, good, honesty. That’s good. Alright. Now, what if he was counting cards? Like, he was keeping track of the cards as they were played. Is that cheating?

Delacruz: Yes.

Peters: And why? Why do you consider it cheating?

Delacruz: He knows more than he should.

Peters: Hmm…okay, interesting, interesting. Alright, a man has the ability to know the lottery numbers through math. He found a mathematical formula that lets him get the numbers every time. If he uses it, is he cheating?

Delacruz: Is that possible?

Peters: Well, it’s a hypothetical question, so let’s pretend for the next half minute that it’s a very real possibility. 

Delacruz: Umm…yeah, cheating, I guess.

Peters: You guess?

Delacruz: Yeah, I dunno. Yes. It’s cheating. 

Peters: Maybe that was a bit too abstract. Alright, think D-Day. Do you know about D-Day? 

Delacruz: Umm…not really.

Peters: Ever watch Saving Private Ryan? You know that amazing opening scene when it all goes to heck? You know that scene?

[Delacruz nods]

Peters: Alright, well, we pulled that off, the invasion of France, by tricking the Germans. False messages. All the while, we had cracked their code. Isn’t that cheating?

Delacruz: But those guys were Nazis.

Peters: I am aware of that. This is, after all, my example. 

Delacruz: I don’t really get why you’re asking me these questions.

Peters: You don’t understand why I’m asking you questions about cheating in your job interview for a security position at a casino? 

Delacruz: I don’t get all these philosophy questions.

Peters: What I’m trying to assess here are your limits. We all have them: things that we consider right and wrong. So, I need you to answer me: Do you think tricking the Germans, the Nazis, was cheating? 

Delacruz: No.

Peters: Why’s that?

Delacruz: They’re Nazis.

Peters: Admirable. Mr. Delacruz, I’ve seen your record. Moved from the Philippines when you were ten. You took police foundations in college, probably found out private security provided decent pay with less work, and is, yes, a bit less dangerous and went down that path. You have some moral fortitude, of that I am certain, but when does it bend and when does it break. That’s what I’m here to find out. I just need you to indulge me for a few more questions. Okay, this one is bit less hypothetical. You are a runner. 100m dash. You find out one person is using steroids. Is that wrong?

Delacruz: Yes.

Peters: What if you were the only person who wasn’t using steroids?  It’s a widely known secret — pardon the oxymoron — that almost all track runners at the upper levels use the drug? What then?

Delacruz: I’ll run it my way.

Peters: Without drugs?

Delacruz: Yes

Peters: I see. I want to go back to the D-Day question for a second. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. If the Germans tricked us, the good guys, would it be fair? 

Delacruz: I…I don’t know.

Peters: You’re lying, you do know.

Delacruz: Yes, it’s cheating.

Peters: I see. I think that’s all I need. This interview is done as far as i’m concerned. 

Delacruz: That’s it?

Peters: Yes, I’m afraid that is it Ronaldo.

Delacruz: You saying I can’t be trusted?

Peters: I’m saying you’re flexible. If another guard has a great scheme to steal stacks of chips. He wants to cut you in: what do you do?

Delacruz: I say no.

Peters: You say no now. But you’ve shown that you have a certain…situational adaptiveness when it comes to cheating. We can’t afford that here. There is good and there is bad.  

Delacruz: I think that’s bullshit. You’re calling me a crook, but the casino never loses here, right?

Peters: I wouldn’t be able to discuss the finance’s of the casino, even if I was privy to them.

Delacruz: The games are rigged.

Peters: It’s not rigged Mr. Delacruz: You know the casino’s going to win. I know it too. We never lie about that. The game is in our favour, but not rigged.

Delacruz: In the Philippines they say that anything is possible in America. Anything. It’s the same way you say. The game is in your favour. Anybody can come in and win, but most people will lose. I don’t give a shit if the guy is cheating or not cheating: Those are matters for you and for God. You tell me he’s out, I kick him out. That’s it. I just want a job that pays good, because that’s my part of the game. You play that game, anything is possible, you cheat and the game is over, you feel me? 

Peters: I do. This has been informative. I’ll be in touch within the week. I’ll call the technician to unhook you.

[Peters gets up]

Peters: Goodbye Mr. Delacruz. 

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